Chiropractic Care in Poquoson, Virginia
Our Poquoson, Virginia, clinic provides genuine and effective manual chiropractic manipulation that provides quick pain relief. We offer a wholistic approach to health without drugs or surgery. Visit Dr. Lawrence Svihla at the Atlantic Chiropractic Clinic today and try a natural approach to health care.

Whole Spine Chiropractic Manipulation
Get immediate relief for your spinal issues with treatment at our clinic. We manipulate your spine instead of using machines, massage or gadgets to correct spinal misalignments. By actually working the bones back into place, you get better and longer lasting results.

 Physiotherapy Treatment
We also use select physiotherapy techniques to offer relief for a variety of muscular skeletal conditions. We use electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, interferential,  ice, and heat, to promote healing and pain reduction.