Back Topics

This month's back topic is lower back pain. About 85% of the population will experience disabling low back pain at least once in their lifetime. The standard medical approach to back pain involves prescription muscle relaxers, painkilling medications, physical therapy, and eventually spinal surgery, which may lead to loss of mobility and even more pain.

The chiropractic approach is all natural and has saved millions of people from the dangerous side effects of strong prescription medications and the dangers of surgery.

Dr. Svihla uses the chiropractic approach to treat the pain at the source in a natural, painless and effective method.


1 - Question: What are our techniques of chiropractic care?
Answer: Dr. Svihla uses Diversified chiropractic technique,  flexion traction and motion palpation.

2 - Question: What happens at an appointment?
Answer: After a thorough history is taken, the doctor examines each patient to evaluate the level of care that is needed. If determined that X rays are needed, they are taken and readin our office. After X ray evaluation, a course of treatment is discussed with the patient. Treatment will normally be performed on the same day.  

3 - Question: What type of treatment will I receive?
Answer: Each patient is cared for according to his or her needs. While in the treatment room, the patient may have a therapy modality to relieve muscle spasm. Upon completion of the therapy, the patient will receive a chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Svihla using his hands to perform one of the following chiropractic methods: Diversified,  Flexion Traction, or motion palpation.

4 - Question: What is a therapy modality?
Answer: Therapy modality includes different methods to relieve muscle spasm and inflammation. These can include electric stimulation, ultrasound, manual massage, and hot or cold packs.

5 - Question: Why should I choose Dr. Svihla over any other chiropractor in the phone book?
Answer: Hands on care along with 35 years of experience has allowed him to treat over 10000 patients.

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